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Marc is a short (2-3 minute) interactive story about someone stuck in the drudgery of everyday life.

Keyboard and mouse required

Made in collaboration with the incredible Sarah Whang for TOJam 2021: Feels Like a Rerun


Art and Animation- Sarah Whang  (@anderk_aya)
Design, Code, and Audio - Jon Remedios (@JonRemedios


"Alarm Clock" by dcloh is licensed under CC0 1.0
"Apartment Room Tone.wav" by cMilan is licensed under CC0 1.0
"Button Press.mp3" by ZekiFoxx is licensed under CC0 1.0
"Bird call - set of three" by majkanolan is licensed under CC0 1.0
"forest summer Roond 020 200619_0816.wav" by klankbeeld is licensed under CC BY 3.0


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Marc (Windows) 43 MB
Marc (OSX) 53 MB

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love the message! Short but impactful!

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This was a sweet little game that shows how routine can be very stressful sometimes and talking a little break or switching things up every once in a while is a good thing. Cute little experience.  6/10

This was just a man that wanted to break the everyday cycle cant really blame him for that! Great short story!

Real life simulator. Wish my work days could speed up like that tho. :)

Very good message and art style. Well done!

Really good game. I really liked the message you was expressing. Keep up the great work! 

this game is good, i made a video too but in portuguese

Hawt juicy totally a speedrun


Tried out MARC!

A short experience about escaping the routines of modern day life, I thought that the animations were superb.

I love this short game, I make a gameplay (in spanish) good work 😍😁

this game relates with modern people lifestyle , i love the visual of the game its good btw here is my gameplay of it :) 



I loved this games, i from brazil, and i make a video about this game 

Well, what can I say... That hit hard. The little mini-games where nice and the art was beautiful but the story was... I was going to say that it's sad but I really don't know if it is or not, I have mixed feelings for this one, but you did an amazing job on this one.


Was a perfect game which illustrated life and daily routines and everything. Was so simple yet was so effective at delivering its message. You've made a great game and hope you're doing all right!

Thank you

Hey just wanna say this was really cool and I love the visuals!

Highlight from TOJam 2021's open house stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1040605824


Powerful game! Admired the mechanics of such a simple design. Definitely needed, thank you! A video to my stream of it is here! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1026432563?t=00h21m23s

Interesting ,meaningful story.Enjoyed it!

how do you play the game after downloading it on a chromebook?

Hi Awaizah,

Chromebooks are generally not meant to run window's executables (.exe files). There are some workarounds, but they can be quite involved. I've included a link if you're interested in trying this.


This didn't work for me but thanks for trying!

Great! Absolutely great!

A nice game

it needs music in the end

100  subscriber special

Realy nice game, Loved it

i love this
i love this please like and sub tryna reach 100
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Soooooooo relatable .  This game felt so me. loved it, great art style and this game also made me go in the garden and breathe.

I recommend to watch the video after playing the game to avoid spoilers!!!

I want to start with the art it's beautiful. The mechanics took a little to master but eventually it becomes a part of you and it's smooth sailing.
I loved it, I used to hate these kind of games that's a close depiction of real life but after this crazy year I started to like these. It has mini-games that is simple but fun and a very nice message at the end. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME!! Try it, it's good stuff!!

Love the style!.. and so relatable! haha

This was a short game that commentated on the stresses of repetition in everyday life with a unique style. It was good for what it was. 

very very good

Congratulations great game...

I wait for you on the channel and if you like to subscribe

To the next one!

DemoGames Play & Trailer - YouTube

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